1. Take this 1 pill on an empty stomach for your 1st time no more than 2 in a 24hour period for best result as you
would any
herbal product, this does not make it mandatory you can have a nice dinner and still get remarkable
results. You will feel the effects in a 30 to 45 minute period
Safety is important. Learn why you should not take ALL  those other meds with potential side effects.

2. This is not a drug it is a mix of herbs that is a very old ancient recipe that was brought back for we the peoples
benefit. You may go out for drinks come home and take this on other occasions where your performance due to
alcohol use would be out of the question is revived like you would not believe and you will notice and feel this
product is still in your system
 36 to 48 hours later.

3. NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS like nausea no headaches like Viagra, Calais , Levitra , we have heard from about 10 %
of our customers say their cheeks on their face get warm right  when it is starting to kick in at 30 to 45 minutes but
it goes away. Or there mind is so side track by their great performance that they are involved in. (smile).   Hardness
matters. One important element of a more satisfying sexual experience is erection hardness. Find out how

delivers harder erections for most men.

4. There are people taking these herbs with medication we do recommend to consult your physician and the
Physician will also suggest to give 30 minutes to 1 hour from ANY other medications you may be taking. We have
customers on  medication and antidepressants and they use the 30 minute to one hour window before using these
This product has been Manufactured to stringent GMP standards in a Certified Factory.
And is 100% Herbal.

5. Please understand with this product you have control of your activity you’re not walking around for 48 hours
erect you have control of this
herb while it is in your system.
Although you will notice that you have THE EDGE and arousal will be brought to your attention MUCH easier than
you could ever imagine.

6.   Let’s cut to the chase here OK? There are so many women out there today that have been married for years and
MAYBE have never mentioned that when there husband is finished she wasn’t? OR? Would have loved to go for a
unmentioned time longer than what just took place? We were and are FULLY aware this product works but the key
NOT ONLY FOR THE MAN THIS IS FOR HER ALSO because she will get this extra time she needs and so will you. We
called it
PLEEZENER just for that reason this is a product that leaves both of you fully satisfied. When the blood flow
rushes to where it needs to go and may I add at a rate you probably have never seen before!!!! (BIG SMILE)Just try
it use 2 pills out of the bottle if it’s not for you send it back and we will refund your money back.
As with many medications Pleezener works best
            on an EMPTY STOMACH!